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WordPress blog setup tutorial

Wordpress blog setup tutorial

No that you have registered your domain and signed up for your web hosting account, the moment has arrived to set up your very first blog. And therefore, I have decided to write this WordPress blog setup tutorial. Originally, when mentioning the word wordpress, everyone automatically was thinking of a blog. But, right now wordpress is quite a bit more than just a blog. It could be considered as a full-blown content management system. A system that lets you building a full and professionally looking site without even knowing html

Register a domain name for your web site

Register a domain name for your web site

One of the first things you need when starting with a web site and internet marketing is a domain name. After all, this domain name will become your “website address” and will become one of the most important things on your way to success in online marketing. OK, that being said, the next issue would be to find the best place to buy your domain name. I have been in online marketing for over 25 years now (yep, I started way back in 1990), and I have tried quite some different registrars like GoDaddy, NameCheap, Moniker, DynaDot, etc…

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